SKY GOALS AFRICA LIMITED Integrating Business and Development Operational Models.

Agriculture is the central part of Tanzania’s economy. As of 2016, Tanzania had over 44 million hectares of arable land, with only 33 percent of its cultivation. Almost 70 percent of the marginalized groups, especially youth, women, and people with disabilities, live in rural areas, and where most are involved in the agriculture sector. Most smallholder farmers lack access to productive inputs, financing, farming technology, knowledge, and farming skills, making them unable to achieve optimum yields. Furthermore, small-scale farmers lack post-harvest management, including storage, which is often inadequate, leaving crops exposed to mold, and rot.

The aim is to create employment opportunities for marginalized groups, especially youth and women, through agriculture and for them to use agriculture as a means to move beyond subsistence living to a state of economic self-reliance. This job creation process will follow an online crowd-farming platform created to assist smallholder farme

Secteurs Agri-entreprise
Emplacement Dar es Salaam, Tanzanie
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