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Sixa bee production. Sixa Bee is small apiculture business for production 100% pure honey.

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Beekeeping is emerging as a very successful agricultural practice for local people in rural areas of less developed countries. Not only does the practice of beekeeping have intrinsic health benefits through providing a food source of great nutritional value which is lacking in rural areas.
But beekeeping plays an important role in protecting the environment and pollinating plants, as well as preventing erosion and deforestation. Which can lead to occur of natural disasters like droughts, floods, landslides and climate change, which is a global scourge.
In rural areas there is almost an unlimited source of pollen and bees aid greatly in the natural cross pollination of local crops. Health benefits for local people reliant on small agriculture to provide food are centered around the enriching qualities of honey in a diet which is usually dependent upon staple foods such as bananas and maize.

Sectors Agribusiness, Food production, Packaging
Location Hargeisa, Somalia
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