Sidebrief Build beyond Borders

Africa is one of the most fragmented markets in the world. To access Africa’s 1.3 billion people, one startup will need 54 corporate entities and over 400 authorizations. African entrepreneurs face more hurdles to register businesses and obtain business permits than other regions.

1 company operating in 2 or more African countries will deal with tens of compliance requirements with no standard compliance management infrastructure for procuring, managing tracking and reporting business compliance across the countries.

Sidebrief is developing a Compliance as a Service(CaaS) infrastructure that enables companies operating across African markets to manage, track and report regulatory compliance across all business units/layers, via a dashboard or direct API integration into business tools.

Our platform has 3 main product features:
a. Formation [think Stripe Atlas for Africa]
b. Maintenance [think Carta for Africa]
c. Compliance [well, think Sidebrief]

Sectors Consulting and business development, Legal services
Location Yaba, Nigeria
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