SharyCo App that rewards positive impact on the planet and society


We are currently 6 people working on the project. Mercedes Yapur and Carolina Gherghi in legal, Silvia Carbia in Accounting, and below a brief description of the 3 main Co-Founders

Sabrina Gans, CEO (Business Economics Degree and Marketing Graduate Certificate)
In 2019 she won a scholarship to a High Impact Entrepreneurship program at NYU where the team she led won first place. Her purpose and what moves her the most, is to generate a positive impact on the world.

Alejandro Jatib, CTO (Systems engineer with an MBA), participated in several startups, one of them accelerated in Nxtp labs. He has experience in ecommerce and digital product design.

Juan Sosa, CDO (Graphic designer), worked for several companies abroad. He’s most outstanding experience is working for BitPay, a bitcoin payment processing company, where he was in charge of the UX / UI design of a Bitcoin Wallet.