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Sevi Order now, Pay later for B2B

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Sevi offers digital value chain financing through an ‘Order now, Pay later’ B2B service.

When a Buyer (MSME) orders from a Seller and pays through the Sevi platform, the Sellers receive 80% of the order value on delivery. The Buyer then pays in various instalments. When the last instalment is paid, the Seller receives the final 20%.

This way, Sevi works in partnership with the Sellers (the anchor), in selecting and following up on the Buyers and leverages on their personal relationship with the Buyer. This tech and touch approach is one of the cornerstones of our de-risking and cost reduction model.

Another is machine learning, based on historical sales data between Buyer and Seller, transaction data, relational data and repayment data, we offer appropriate credit plans to the Buyer.

LocationUtrecht, Netherlands
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