Semoa-Togo A new vision of payments in Africa



Today in SubSaharian Africa, less than 20% of people have access to a bank account and only 7% have a credit card.

So the question is
• how do online merchant get paid?
• how can we developp a sustainable online economy whithout banks services?

Whtin Semoa we are convinced that people in Africa can still pay everywhere by cash. Enven online.

So the point is simple :
You order online
You recieve a short code by sms
You pay in one of our partner’s shop
And your merchant is immediatly notified and get paid.

we are convinced that this approach is innovative and relevant to the African socio-economic context

We have allready deployed 4 kiosks in Togo and searching for funds in order to deploy 300 equipments within the tree next years.

Our video pitch on kiosk :

Beside this projet we also provide innovatives services to Banks such as Whatsapp Banking :


StageStartup stage EST February 2016
Location Lome, Togo
Customer modelB2B
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