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Secapp Ltd. Critical communications and alerting

Secapp Ltd.

Secapp Ltd.

Secapp covers customer needs from professional communications to managing complex crisis scenarios via communications and alerting platform that can make sure that the right people are reached securely and reliably. While daily communications activities consist of paging/alerting staff to work, our customers can most importantly prepare for, manage, and recuperate from unexpected or critical situations such as medical emergencies, natural disasters, accidents, malicious acts and service outages.

When a complex crisis situation happens, reaching and capturing the attention of the correct people immediately becomes a life saving issue. Secapp allows to do that in seconds no matter how many people are needed to be contacted or which device or technology is used for communication as Secapp combines legacy SMS and voice, modern app based and authority communications to a centralized platform.

SectorsEnterprise software, Healthcare, Software as a Service
LocationJyväskylä, Finland
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