Scalex A secure & seamless multi-chain peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform

Financial inclusion is a global issue with the number of unbanked and financially excluded adults hitting over 1.5 billion ( globally, thereby begging the need for more innovative and accessible solutions asides from conventional bank infrastructure.
Blockchain tech through cryptocurrencies are decentralized, borderless, flexible, and affordable, thereby enabling it facilitates access to financial products; remittance, trade, savings, and lending (With new inroads into insurance, etc.). Scalex is poised to harness this technology to build highly scalable financial solutions starting with a product targeted at improving remittance and savings through crypto rails in a highly secure environment devoid of bad elements while offering flexibility across multiple blockchain networks in a bid to provide its global users with a robust infrastructure capable of handling their daily financial needs using cryptocurrencies.

Sectores Blockchain, Remesas
Ubicación Lagos, Nigeria
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