Saptkrishi Scientific Private limited Uplifting the hands that feed us

Saptkrishi addresses the issue of the perishability of horticultural commodities and works on reducing waste by reducing post-harvest wastage by developing Sabjikothi/ Preservator’, which is cost-effective, portable, and extends the shelf-life while preserving the freshness of fruits and vegetables anywhere between 3 to 30 days. The entire setup of Sabjikothi/ Preservator can be assembled on any suitable means of transportation (E-rickshaw, mini-trucks, thelas, etc.) and can transport contamination-free and pathogen-free fruits and vegetables from the field to the market without any water loss or decay. It requires only 20 Watts of power and 1 litre of water per day without any further maintenance. It comes with an integrated battery that lasts for a day with an option of solar charging.The device is IoT-enabled and farmers can control and change the microclimate created inside Sabjikothi according to their needs, simply with Saptkrishi app.

Sectores Agroindustria, Agritech, Transporte y logística
Ubicación Kanpur, India
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