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Samalife Everyday Meal Solutions

Cover image of Samalife, E-commerce venture on VC4A

Samalife is a food technology company based in Dakar, Senegal, operating multi-brand restaurants from a dark kitchen — a commercial kitchen optimized for food delivery. Samalife also employs advanced technology to digitize the entire journey from order placement to delivery. The collected data is utilized for optimizing production processes, enhancing customer service, and refining the commercial offering to better meet consumer expectations.

In addition to our current operations, Samalife is currently preparing to expand its expertise to corporate meal solutions by offering a specially designed platform that simplifies meal subsidies administration, reduces costs, and enhances employee well-being. Through this comprehensive approach that combines innovation and efficiency, Samalife addresses the emerging daily dietary needs in rapidly growing urban areas in Africa.

Sectors E-commerce, Food production
Location Dakar, Senegal
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