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QuickBus QuickBus is making bus journeys easier to book for 800m people


Humphrey Wrey – Founder & CEO

  • Lived in sub-Saharan Africa for >5 years and spent ten years in Africa launching and managing businesses. 
  • Licensed and launched financial services companies in the region.
  • Launched transport tech and insurance business lines on the ground in emerging markets including Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Angola.

Olumide Akinsola – VP Marketing & Growth & Co-founder

  • Highly skilled c-suite operations specialist. 
  • Founding employee at SafeBoda Nigeria. Steered SafeBoda to hitting growth targets under budget in the highly competitive Nigerian motorbike taxi market and took them to over 100k customers.

Spencer Shaw – CTO

  • Technical co-founder of award-winning Saas startup. Veteran startup co-founder.
  • Streetlike – launched Saas IOP Retail Tech Startup.
  • Zuzzim: developed blockchain Cryptocurrency