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PROtalento Developing the talent the world demands and hacking youth unemployment


Juan David Aristizabal CEO/Cofounder: Business administrator and MA in journalism. Recently received the International Princess of Girona Award for his work to support Latin American youth through training, education, technology, and entrepreneurship
Juanita Ordoñez Chief of Growth/Cofounder: business administrator with over 12 years of experience in leading growth strategies in emerging markets for some of the most important technology companies in the world. She is a founder of the Edtech community in Latin America
Camila Gómez, Chief of Education: MA in Bioethics. Over 10 years of experience in education
Rubith Tuberquia COO: MBA. Has worked for the Government in the Direction of Planning and Formation at SENA
Anibal Yamhure CFO: Business administrator and lawyer. Over 7 years of experience in law firms, consulting and design of public policies in the financial sector
Common stock:
Juan David Aristizabal 45.9%
Juanita Ordoñez 35.7%
Shareholders 8.16%
Options 10.24%