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ProTalento  A platform to accelerate digital and tech careers

Young professionals struggle to upskill and remain relevant in the emerging and dominant technological world. At ProTalento, we accelerate tech and digital careers by curating bootcamps, giving flexible loans and matching them with job opportunities.

We provide young talent access to quality education, which is out of reach due to scarcity of economic resources, high fixed commercial rates for educational loans, and information asymmetry when choosing the right program. On the other side of the market, we fill the talent shortage companies are facing since 57%* of them cannot find new hires with the skills they require.

ProTalento is moving fast: since founding the company earlier this year, we’ve:
Talent Funding: Closed our first debt investors with a USD $120k talent fund
Equity Funding: Closed USD $150k pre-seed equity funding with Village Global
First Cohort: First cohort already closed with 50 students chosen from 175 candidates, with a 28,6% acceptance rate.

Sectores Banca, E-learning, Servicios educativos
Ubicación Bogota, Colombia
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