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Cassava, available in any season is one of the products that responds to the   need for food security during this period of global warming. The products we have obtained by experiment are: product: 1: starch with a high clarity and viscosity. Stability in acidic foods. Excellent property for pharmaceutical products. Product 2: Skin feed and cassava leaves. Rich in fibre, calories vitamins A, C and iron they substitute for 70 % maize in the diet of animals. Reduced cost of production.   Trials have been conducted in Côte d’ Ivoire, Togo and Mali successfully. For the pastry the flour was a success. The provendes were conclusive for tests in Togo and Mali on a sample of chicks and ruminants. The collegial work with machine manufacturers and a market research firm reassures us of the potential of our project.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Le Plateau, Côte d'Ivoire
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