Preyo Tz Innovating and creating a better world through recycling


ABDALAH NYAMBI -Founder, University level , CEO and Production Manager with Expertise in Plastics, Has experience in plastic recycling industries for 5 years and plastic manufacturing for 2 years, Marketing skills, leadership skills, worked as Supervisor volunteer at HELP TO HELP Foundation.
Email: , 0719036419

WENCESLAUS SOKA – Founder, University level, COO with Medical Health skills, leadership, human, sales and marketing skills. worked with JVE, UNESCO YOUTH FORUM and WWF, experience on plastic pollution alleviate and product design all for 3 years.
Email: , 0763984679

STEWARD AMULI – Founder, University level, CFO, Medical Lab scientist with leadership, sales,marketing and human skills.
Email: , 0659895807

JOYCE MOLLEL – University level, Civil engineer and Marketing officer with product design skills. worked at WAN Realtors & Agency as freelancer
Email: , 074418238