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PRA (Product Related to Agricultural sector) From banana waste to biodegradable packaging

PRA (Product Related to Agricultural sector)

PRA (Product Related to Agricultural sector)

Do you know that:
* Carbon footprint of banana/plantain in Cameroon is 4,000,000 tons each year.
* Increase of carbon quantity in atmosphere reduces nutritional quality of many cultures in the world?

How can a country like Cameroon each year:
1- contribute to death of 7 million people worldwide because of pollution?
2- produce 19 millions tons of carbons due to
* plastics waste
* banana stems abandoned in the field during banana production?
3- be among the best African-Caribbean-Pacific’s largest banana producer and yet can’t efficiently use their waste to replace wood, reducing deforestation?

Our goal is to solve those problems by transforming banana/ plantain stems into biodegradable packaging (Shopping bags, cardboard and rolls of paper).
By doing this, we empower rural women, create wealth, and be a source of inspiration for young who give up and no longer believe in their potential to be they change they want to see in the world.


Sectors Agribusiness, Enterprise software, Environmental services
Location Yaoundé, Cameroon
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