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Platinum Capital We intregrate rural & underserved communities to global value chains

We are an end-to-end B2B international trade startup, determined to empower rural communities through global value chain integration. We innovate through our technology and business model, aligning the incentives across the main parties involved. Platinum Capital is systematically changing the narrative around agriculture from the ground up.

Our initial business model consisted in wholesale commodity exports and supply chain management services. However during my experience in the industry we found misalignment with farmers as they cannot internationalize and generate value added to the economy. In addition, they are the nodes in the supply chain with the lower margins and more vulnerable to market volatility.

This chronic misalignment endured. Therefore, I ideated the solution through a platform as a development vehicle to empower farmers directly by mitigating price-transmission, risk-management & power asymmetries. Simultaneously disrupting intermediaries monopsony.

Sectors Agribusiness, Insurance, Transport and logistics
Location Antioquia, Colombia
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