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Planetbridge Limited Technology solutions development and Pro-Social Network

Cover image of Planetbridge Limited, Diversified services venture on VC4A

PlanetBridge has a 4 Segment Platform with registered members of the network who are mainly B2B and other B2C members interested in following the 4 sectors/categories (Technology, Real Estate, General & Automobile). The network has millions of visitors and over 50000 registered members and many more thousands of members on ICT LinkedIn & facebook owned groups. The platform has attracted some revenue before covid time with adverts from local businesses located in Abuja alone. The World Business Assessment & Restructuring is a 3 tier approach of Business, Technical, Operational. The customers are present, business model is sound, robust and good ROI is expected. The Strategic Roadmap for the next five years is being developed by foreign consultant. The Revamping the website according to international standards is part of the tasks. Search for Co-Founder is ongoing.

The project is a Win-Win for all including social media giants integration and job creation worldwide for o

Sectors Diversified services, Information technology, Telecom
Location Abuja, Nigeria
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