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PATAC México Marketing of indigenous textile crafts

Cover image of PATAC México, Clothing and textiles venture on VC4A

PATAC Mexico is the link between artisans and people from all over the world who want to help indigenous ethnic groups that are at risk of disappearing.
Our commitment is to help the 62 ethnic groups that exist in Mexico and it is made up of 25 million artisans.
This model goes beyond education and marketing, PATAC is a systemic and integral model for the preservation of the biocultural heritage.
This innovation works with 6 core categories:
1. Rural Tourism
2. Workshops
3. DIY – Do It Yourself
4. Sale of Crafts
5. Education for Life
6. Entrepreneurship
Through the sale of its crafts in Mexican Republic and the world, we currently export to Germany, France and the United States.

SectorsClothing and textiles, Import and export, Retail
LocationCiudad de México, Mexico
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