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Nsaano mobile application Connecting a person in need to a skilled person within a minute

Cover image of Nsaano mobile application, Computer software venture on VC4A

NSAANO is a mobile application solution that recommends a certified and verified idle but ready-to-work skilled person in a nearby location in real-time, to a person who is in need. With a rating from the client, it ensures a perfect work done for customer satisfaction and equal service-charge.
While there are currently top rated mobile apps that gives skilled persons the opportunity to advertise their profession, and users to search for these skilled persons with their location, they do not show availability and rating of the skilled person. No proper verification done on the professionals, as well as no real-time location indication of the professionals.
A search on NSAANO, connects person in need, to a certified and verified with a rating skilled person, who is available in a nearby locationby the use of GPS navigation

Sectors Computer software, Mobile
Location Accra, Ghana
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