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NatWater Ecological and Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Solution

We are a green company focus on increasing wastewater treatment through an ecological and sustainable biotechnology. Since no electricity and no electromechanical systems are needed, we make possible to help BoP communities to have access to an efficient and economic solution for keeping healthier areas and protect their natural ecosystems. Also, we plan to develop a platform to manage projects with low-cost ecological water treatment needs, that the community can upload, users can finance it in exchange for tokens, which can give them profitability in the future. In such a way that the purification of residual water, the care of the environment, the circular economy is promoted, and thus reduce the large percentage, close to 80%, of residual water that today is discharged into rivers and bodies of water without any type treatment.

Sectors Clean technology, Environmental services, Water treatment
Location Panamá, Panama
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