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Nahua Cacao & Chocolate Single-origin cacao exporter and gourmet chocolate maker.

Nahua Cacao & Chocolate

Nahua Cacao & Chocolate

Nahua is Costa Rica’s leading fine flavor single-origin cacao provider and gourmet chocolate maker with a strong social mission. A certified B-Corp, we directly purchase wet cacao at fair and consistent prices from more than 400 smallholder growers in the northernmost provinces of Costa Rica, and nurture the full-bodied flavor through our own post-harvest processing facility.

Nahua is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of cacao farmers. We seek to increase the incomes and improve the lives of independent cacao growers and their families through training, support, and community engagement.

Our cacao has been internationally recognized for its high quality and unique flavor profile, used in awarded chocolate bars in both the Americas and European competitions of the International Chocolate Awards.

Sectores Cultivos agrícolas, Producción alimentaria
Ubicación Cariari, Costa Rica
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