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eCampus is an online teaching and learning platform with social networking options that allows users (teachers & students) to interact and compare test scores.

eCampus provides access to interactive examinable academic contents (past questions, podcast, video, ebooks, games & VR) from Examination Councils across Africa, including Corporate Training.

eCampus is positioned to address the problems of falling exams-pass rates, high drop out rates, inadequate test preps, limited access to educational materials, high teacher to students ratios, lack of motivation to teach & learn and unemployment.

Our Vision is to innovate, transform, and change how teaching and learning is delivered in Africa, by giving people the power to self learn.

Our Mission is to put educational and examinable academic content at the finger tips of everyone everywhere in Africa, especially students.


2017 – Winner, Singularity Univeristy, West Africa, Global Impa

Sectores Software informático, Educación, Móvil
Ubicación Accra, Ghana
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