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MOBU Digital Investment Bank streamlining capital markets processes

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“Africa is home to over 700,000,000 adults with 500,000,000 active phone lines on a 50% penetration rate yet over 350,000,000 do not have a bank account” – McKinsey

Capital markets are inefficient characterised by high fees, too many middlemen and over regulation.

Africa receives less than 1% of global deal flow but consists of 30% of natural resources and 60% of arable (AGRI) land.

MOBU vertically integrates all major financial services under one roof:
 MOBU supports companies that want to raise capital like an investment bank. A Digital issuance platform to build compliant digital share offerings conntected to over a 100,000 global investors.
 MOBU provides streamlined global secondary market.
 MOBU provides a cost-effective borderless payment solution to everyday investors.
All with the focus of streamlined to be faster and cheaper to upgrade existing capital markets.

MOBU`s first pillar is a technology-enabled online platform that eliminates opera

SectorsBanking, Fintech, Online payment processing
LocationPretoria, South Africa
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