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Miseda_Art A surrealism Art company,we produces art on canvas,apparel & furniture

Cover image of Miseda_Art, Arts venture on VC4A

My name is Marylyne Akinyi, i am the founder of Miseda_Art. We are a surrealism Art company that sells art. Under Miseda_Art we have different departments, one of which is called Strokes_Of_Fabrics, in this department we hand paint Art on Handbags, jeans and shirts (Apparel). We also are venturing into creating hand painted Art and stickers for furniture pieces such as couches and cupboards. Another department we have is for kids, it is called strokes_of_Magic where we hold art classes and art parties for children. I believe my business has potential because i am breaking the stigma behind Art not being a career path. I am from Kenya and we are taught that creatives are unconventional and there isn’t a future in it. I am breaking those stereotypes and boundaries through showing that Art is lucrative and anything can be used as a canvas including furniture & Apparel. Having a kids department is to make kids grow out of the mentality that makes them suppress their creativity

Sectors Arts
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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