Mi-Kids Peace of Mind for Parents and The School

Parents wonder when the school bus is coming to get the babies in the morning, how they are faring in transit (to and from school) and what time they are getting home. In case of an emergency too, they have to wait until the school bus gets to school to call the parents. In the morning, you therefore will find many students standing outside their gates, waiting for the school bus, sometimes in the rain.
With the Mi-Kids app, the parent can view this all from their smart phone. A parent will be able to set a time when their kids are being picked and dropped off at school therefore the will wait until the bus is at, say two minutes away, to take their kids out side. Once the baby is picked, they mark the student picked from the app and it sends a notification to the teacher app and activates an SOS button for emergency. The solution is an app (android and iOS) for parent, teacher / driver, and a web portal for upload of student and teacher list
The portal is managed by a superadmin

Sectors Personal transport, Public transport, Transport and logistics
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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