MAX Pickups & deliveries anywhere in Lagos in 3 hours or less



MAX is a mobility platform transforming hyper-local transportation and delivery in Africa. MAX uses machine-learning and mobile apps to authorize and organize motorcycle taxis into an on-demand transportation and delivery service for businesses, commuters and consumers.

Lagos has 5 million+ businesses and a dense population of 21 million. Due to its hyper-congested and narrow streets, everyone relies on informal and mostly unlicensed motorcycle taxi riders to get around. Unfortunately, 60% of criminal activity and 25% of road fatalities are connected to these motorcycle taxis. These stats are similar across African cities. Due to these incidents, local governments routinely crackdown on motorcycle taxi riders. These crackdowns affect thousands of hardworking riders who want a honest living.

So we started MAX to fix this. We make it easier for businesses to get goods to their customers and we enable honest riders earn a living income.

Stage Unknown EST August 2015
Sectors E-commerce, Mobile, Transport and logistics
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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