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Malmak Sun Power Energy Limited The principal business is to supply reliable renewable electricity

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Solar power produces no emissions during generation itself, and life-cycle assessments clearly demonstrate that it has a smaller carbon footprint from “cradle-to-grave” than fossil fuels. Accordingly, life-cycle carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for PV are now in the range of 25 to 32 g/kWh. In comparison, a combined cycle gas-fired power plant emits some 400 g/kWh, while a coal-fired power plant with carbon capture and storage, about 200 g/kWh. What makes our solution to be unique are a lower tariff rate and reliable clean electricity supply. Solar energy is environmentally friendly and all-weather friendly, be it in drought seasons or rainy seasons it simply embraces climate change compared to the traditional hydropower that fails to meet the electricity demand during drought seasons.

SectorsElectric utilities, Renewable energy, Solar power
LocationKabwe, Zambia
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