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MajiAgri Solutions Limited Enabling African farmers to practice irrigation thro' water harvesting

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Over 90% of African farming is under the rain-fed system. Livelihood of these farmers is under serious threat due to climate change. The continent continues to become food insecure, creating a dire need for coping solutions. MajiAgri Solutions makes it possible the farmers to shift to irrigated practice, which helps them earn up to 5 times more yields per given area, while also making it possible to grow a diversity of high value crops throughout the year. With these positive gains, farmers are able to recoup their investment costs within 3 planting seasons. We achieve this through the installation of small farm ponds that harvest and reserve ground run-off or roof water whenever it rains. The ponds are designed in a way that eliminates challenges associated with conventional earth dams. Additionally, we install water & space efficient multi-storey/vertical gardens, while also providing climate smart agronomic advisory. We also showcase this model through running of school garde

Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming, Water storage
Location Thika, Kenya
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