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MAHWI TECH Ltd Agriculture Digitized



In Rwanda just like any other African country, smallholder farmers and farming cooperatives struggle to access agricultural output market information that can help them to competitively plug into the agriculture value chain to transact with buyers without asymmetric information. There isn’t anything like a reliable source of information the supply side of the value chain may refer to in order to take informed selling/supply decisions other than relying on information provided by mostly buyers’ middlemen who in many case take this advantage to turn farmers into price takers.
M-LIMA platform will provide an online Market place for Cooperative Yields. Cooperatives will be able sell their yields/harvest on a larger exposed market enabling them to publish their harvest online and attract buyers who offer competitive prices for their commodities locally and beyond. M-lima also generates a sales report for cooperative indicating all transactions and payments that transpired on the system.

Sectors Agribusiness, Fintech, ICT
Location Kigali, Rwanda
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