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Loggro SaaS erp for smbs + Embbeded Finance

Cover image of Loggro, Fintech venture on VC4A

Loggro empowers companies to succeed with its market-proven SaaS “operating system” for LATAM SMBs. Our 230+ person team supports over 11,000 Colombian companies that utilize Loggro as a one-stop solution in: Billing, Retail & Restaurant POS, Accounting, Inventory Management, Payroll, and taxes.

Loggro highlights:

* Current run-rate of USD $ 4mm+ (> 85% recurring)
* Sound unit economics with a 65%+ gross margin; 3x CLTV / CAC; 101% NDR
* During 2021 Loggro clients utilized our software to bill in excess of USD $ 4.5 billion in services and products
* 1,100+ Colombian accountants in our Loggro partner network actively use and refer Loggro
* 130,000+ employees are paid with Loggro payroll
* Experienced founding team (CEO 2x tech founder with USD100M+ exit, ex McKinsey, Yale B.A., Kellogg MBA)

SectorsFintech, Software as a Service
LocationMedellín, Colombia
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