LittleGig Reserve events, concerts and more from the comforts of your hand

Our product is called LittleGig. The premise is that it’s a modern social media platform with emphasis on locations rather than people. For example, we have clubs, events, restaurants, public shows or live shows from artists. These are sorted by user ratings and proximity to customers. Once users reserve/buy tickets, our inbuilt RSVP system auto manages the list securely for both the seller and the buyer, eliminating middle men and increasing efficiency. We have utilised various payment systems. The users can record/take pictures of their current activities and post them on these “events” or their own walls, where other users can engage and share even more activities. Customers can invite and see their friends in real time on our maps(should their friends accept the invitation). Coupled with a very modern design that emphasises simplicity and hiding any technical jargon within the usability, customers of all ages will quickly find and engagement.

Stage Startup stage EST March 2019
Sectors E-commerce, Enterprise software, Marketing and PR
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Markets Global
Customer model C2C
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