Khonvey Food App Online Food Delivery App

Residents and Tourist in Koforidua, Ghana goes through a lot of hassle before finding, ordering and getting their food delivered to them. On the average, customers will have to call or to be called 8 times spending an average of 10 minutes on phone calls to inquire about available menu, prices, making decision and finally talking to a dispatch rider for delivery location. A lot of restaurant and food joint doesn’t offer delivery services due to huge operating cost that comes with food delivery.
Khonvey Food App, a creative mobile application helps you find restaurants, Food Joints, Grocery Shops and other cool foodie gatherings. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, Khonvey Food App help foodies with just simple taps taps order their favorite dishes online. The app is integrated with several payment options to the comforts of our customers. Currently operating only at Koforidua, our vision is to expand beyond the borders of Ghana.

Sectores Alimentos y bebidas, Correo y courier
Ubicación Koforidua, Ghana
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