Kelly-Daniel Oshiogwemue International Positioning brands for excellence and maximum returns


KOInternational is a sole proprietorship owned by Kelly-Daniel Oshiogwemue who doubles as the CEO and Director of Operations. He’s an industry professional with backgrounds in management, sales/marketing and in-depth knowledge of computer technology, having previously worked in the telecommunication and FMCG/Beverage industries. He’ll handle the internal operations and job management with an oversight on sales/marketing functions while our experienced management team comprising of Mrs Judith Minimah; an experienced accountant in the financial service industry will be handling the accounting and marketing functionality
and Mr Olapade Femi; an IT-Engineer experienced in graphics communications and web development solutions will be handling the computer based functionality. Our ability to make informed decisions, and handle/manipulate multiple media formats will continue to prove invaluable in customer engagement and operations management.