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Jay’s Barony The cake hub

Cover image of Jay's Barony, Consumer non-durables venture on VC4A

The cake hub is focused on producing and decorating cakes for events. Cakes are used worldwide for celebrations, and so there is a ready market for this business venture. There is also already a customer base as though this company was properly registered barely a year ago, the cake hub has been running for at least 2 years now.
There is more than enough room for profitable expansion as there are areas that we have not tapped into yet such as retailing raw materials and cake tools, training other people to be cake designers which has not been implemented yet due to lack of a proper venue and equipments for training.
With your help, there a high probability of successfully making profit in a larger scale, as we have the advantage of experience and mentorship.

Sectors Consumer non-durables, Food and beverage, Retail
Location Benin City, Nigeria
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