iSchool iSchool the 1st parallel STEM education system in Egypt

The traditional school education doesn’t include teaching students trending technologies at a young age even though it’s a skill that helps them improve their logical thinking and reasoning skills.
Learning programming, robotics, electronics and trend tech provides a basic understanding of how the world works and what goes into an application, website, or other forms of development.
it’s a great tool to unleash kids creativity and make their ideas come to life.
Many kids enjoy creative output like drawing, playing music and writing; and trend tech can let them come up with awesome creations in that they can enjoy just as much.
Nowadays, trend tech jobs are so many and continue to increase and so learning them can provide many job opportunities. Even if kids aren’t interested in technical careers, having a basic knowledge of how to code is valuable. Like knowing a second language, understanding trend tech is part of being literate in the digital era.

Sectors Education, Educational products, Educational services
Location New Cairo, Egypt
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