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Innovative Business Solutions Hondureños mejorando el acceso a tecnologías limpias para todxs.

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Honduras’ efforts for water systems, renewable energy, and electricity coverage are often minimal and depend on government initiatives due to high investments. IBS aims to introduce a new technical-financial business model for a large proportion of the agribusiness sector that is phasing investment constraints. The Energy Service Company (ESCO) model is similar to leases where IBS covers initial investments while it gains long-term predictable payments. The ESCO model is not new in developed countries — yet, for Honduras and neighboring countries — it can become a disruptive solution with affordable access to green technology projects and a pledge for climate action.

IBS’s experience in assessing its clients’ needs identifies outstanding opportunities in terms of cost reduction and innovation, yet, the implementation is limited by the traditional banking models. While the project prioritizes Honduras, it has the potential to scale up in Central America.

Sectores Tecnología y energía limpias, Energía renovable, Tratamiento del agua
Ubicación Tegucigalpa, Honduras
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