Horticulture, Ecotourism and Beekeeping. It is agribussiness hepls to generate income to youths serves customer

there were rural farmers who have lack access to agricultural input supply and agro information on how to cultivate, farm, and connect to the market. such farmers have a great need to have access to agricultural input supply and information. so we planned to reach their need through digital-based agricultural input supply and agro information which is providing input i.e. seed, fertilizer, and farm equipment, and connect farmers with information of the market, how to farm and cultivate and supply output to customers in developing web platforms i.e Facebook post, telegram, etc. in low costs increases their productivity, labour and assures food security etc. we have a potential market in rural parts of Ethiopia. it has the benefit of reducing employment through our recruits. so we need a $ 5000 initial capital investment to do this business.

SectorsAgribusiness, Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
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