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HAKILA, which means prudence is an anti-collision device for car, bus, truck that helps the driver be careful. Indeed, it is made up of sensors and visual and sound signals. When installing it in a car, the device detects an obstacle located at a distance of D (the distance D varies with the speed) sends the signal to the driver that it is close to the obstacle, therefore it must slow down, slow down or even stop. HAKILA is a passive device which means that it does not intervene in the driver’s seat but helps to avoid obstacles and alert in the event of imminent danger. The device is accompanied by one of an anti-sleeping kit, because many accidents are also linked to the falling asleep of drivers at the wheel. To this is added an application which will be linked to the HAKILA device in order to collect the data that will be passed to the authorities during the accidents these data will record the course.

Sectors Personal transport, Public transport, Transport and logistics
Location Douala, Cameroon
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