Goodfolks A better world together

Goodfolks identifies products with potential and transforms them to reach the global conscious consumer. This means our products are Ethical – Organic – Sustainable in Consideration and the consumer can not only expect an excellent product but also one that is good for the communities and the planet.

Sri Lanka has a wealth of resource and talented, hard-working people. But they fail to get a good price for their products for a number of reasons. One key shortfall is their lack of expertise and exposure. An urban based individual with education is able to understand customer requirements and present a product with higher appeal. But for large groups of MSMEs this is not possible.

So we step in and identify products with potential. We sit with the owners and transform the product’s look, texture, taste etc. Next we package and brand as Goodfolks. Finally we tell the story. This process allows us to transform significant value to the producers and enhance our export revenue.

Sectores Consultoría y desarrollo empresarial, Alimentos y bebidas, Producción alimentaria
Ubicación Sri Lanka
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