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FlexPay A merchant embedded Save Now, Buy Later (snbl) experience.

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Low disposable incomes limit average African consumers from buying what they want at one go or on an upfront basis. More than 77% of the African population is considered to be unbanked and underbanked. Credit as an alternative is expensive, predatory, and highly inaccessible.
That’s why we founded FlexPay, a digitized cloud-based platform that makes essential and aspirational products and services affordable to the underserved market by providing a flexible piecemeal prepayment option. FlexPay is simply a targeted saving solution that connects consumers, their goals, and aspirations to goods and services providers removing the upfront cost barrier, and building creditworthiness along the way as a bridge to financial inclusivity. Accessible via app, web, or USSD customers can use FlexPay to book and purchase households products from a retailer store, pay for school fees, pay for the next dream holiday, or pay for maternity and delivery fees in piecemeal and with zero risks.

SectorsFintech, Online payment processing
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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