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FASO BIOENERGY Cooking fuel for all

Proposed project is to establish small biomass fuel pellet making factories , each such factory will be run by 4-5 people, utilizing local post harvest farm residues (biomass) collected by rural poor. They will get paid in money as well as in fuel pellets. Stoves will be provided free to use to poor and as well as to commercial kitchens ( such as restaurants/school kitchens/canteen/orphanages etc) under agreement of sure buy of pellets from pellet made in the project. This way local commercially and environmentally sustainable livelihood will be created which will be woven around biomass fuel pellet plant creating low cost clean energy for cooking in rural as well as urban usage. Pellet made will be sold with 50% profit and still will give more than 50% savings to end consumers, comparing their earlier fuel ( wood/Charcoal/LPG). The USP of the project is that it will be a commercially viable project with no subsidy/grant interventions from governments.

Sectors Biofuels, Biomass
Location Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso
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