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EPhone Dialer & SMS Say No to Friction!

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In this time and age, there are too many services and offers especially in the mobile-first market. How do you keep up with the best offers and must-have services? We got you! Our Dialer & SMS app aggregates all the best offers and services to one platform so you won’t missout on any relevant deals.

We believe that the Dialer app is outdated! Nowadays we no longer use our dialer app to make calls only. We use it to pay bills, we use it to access our banking information and manage many other USSD services, and the current dialer app lacks many relevant functions to manage these services well. We provide our solution through a mobile app.

We are targeting customers that are active smartphone users who use their phone for more than just calling. We provide our service through a mobile app. Our first target market is Ethiopia with more than 20 million active smartphone users.

Sectors Software as a Service
Location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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