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ElSmart Agro Company Smart Hydroponic System

A designed product that can grow fresh food everywhere, our system is called the Automated Hydroponic system, where plants are cultivated indoors without soil(soilless farming). Our system cultivates plants indoors using a nutrient rich solution containing both micro and macro nutrient we developed organically without soil(soilless farming). The solution is circled through the system by our IOT(Internet Of Things )that controls the pump and programs the whole circulation and plant growth through an application we developed. The system is eco friendly and safe.
What problems is this innovation solving
Food insecurity
Child malnutrition
due to:
Oil contaminated soil (Niger Delta)
High cost of food stuff
Security threat
Lack of space, time and resources.
This system is designed to fit houses, and to encourage crop production all year round… This system has great potential as food is a necessity, no nation can survive withou

Sectors Biomass, Business services, Crop farming
Location Jos, Nigeria
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