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EL Spiika Company LTD (SPiiKA) An edtech that simplifies second language acquisition for Africans.

Cover image of EL Spiika Company LTD (SPiiKA), EdTech venture on VC4A

EL Spiika Company LTD (SPiiKA)

EL Spiika Company LTD (SPiiKA)

SPiiKA is an Edtech company solving the language acquisition problem for Africans. Multilingualism is a key peculiarity of the African continent, so the ability to communicate with a second language is vital for getting around and doing business. Unfortunately, there is no good solution available for Africans to effectively reach conversational fluency in new languages. SPiiKA is getting Africans to conversational fluency affordably while keeping human teachers at the center of the learning. Spiika solves the African language acquisition problem by implementing and delivering a learning approach that keeps human teachers at the center of learning. By immersing learners in an environment where they are constantly speaking and immediately receiving corrective feedback, we help them achieve linguistic competence within 6 months. We know people who decide to learn a new language want to get speaking, so we help them achieve just that.

SectorsEdTech, Education, Educational services
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