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El Alba Conservas Artesanales The Dawn is Wellbeing, it's Pleasure, it's sharing that moment

We bring out the best of fruits and vegetables to offer you high quality, 100% natural preserves, with methods of making and sustainable packaging,
We want what we bring to our table, healthy and natural food, saying no to chemicals, the abuse of added sugars and industrial processes that destroy the vitamins and minerals of food, with a portfolio of 26 products distributed in 3 categories, jams, jams and pickles.
We create by hand, connecting with our ancestors, inspiration for what we are today, bringing you unique products that we produce joyful and committed people with local farmers ‘ raw materials that produce under organic and ecological philosophy.
We direct part of our benefits to foster attitudes and values that are respectful of health and the environment. What we do has become a lifestyle, a story to tell and share.

SectorsFood production
LocationJarabacoa, Dominican Republic
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