ECNV Corporation My company specializes in agriculture and livestock farming


In this team there are 4 co-founders and 3 shareholders. This group of 7 forms a board of directors. We lease land for our activities. So we pay those who watch our goods and they are not directly with our company since we only pay for their services. They are not in the business. The 4 co-founders are: Christian Kazekele Muadiputa (PCA) Emmanuel Onoto Kanyama (HR Director) Nehemiah Assokolo Mboto (CEO / Finance) Vigol Masudi Ngongo (DG / Logistics) In the 3 shareholders, we have: Grace Kanku Ilunga (CEO / Marketing) Banza Wa Banza Jeiel (SG) Nathan Monga Mboto (Deputy SG) The company does not rule out the fact that it will have other people who can be hired