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DogoCraft Art supply club If there's a will, there's a way

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DogoCraft buys or create original art piece and then resell these directly to other art galleries, tourists, hobbyist, businesses like the interior designers, achetiture etc.
We offer educational services on art and handcraft skills acquisition,using practical means.offering coaching lessons on painting, drawing,clay work, sculpture etc.also one on one tutoring with evaluation method.
The educational sector has a large targeted potential market.
The fine art subject in our primary and secondary schools is gradually been overlooked, while the physical health education (PHE) subject gaining momentum due to the passive belief in being a professional and successful football,lawn tennis, basketball etc.
DogoCraft is introducing an art coaching clubs
to as much primary & secondary schools,where we will be working to reviving the handcraft industry to its former status quo.In respect to diversifying the nation’s economy, creating an independent crop of next generation N

Sectors Arts, Educational services, Furniture
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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