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Denim core Denim goods manufacturer from rejected fabric stocks.

Venture Profile Denim core image of Shahid

Denim is a staple element in every wardrobe consumed throughout the world. Pakistan is one of the prime exporters of denim goods. A significant amount of fabric is left unsold due to quality issues that is commonly known as rejected stock. An estimated 1500 gallons of fresh water in consumed by a single pair of jeans. Gaining expertise in my field for years I devised a mechanism to conserve the rejected denim fabrics to produce quality denim goods with competitive prices which doesn’t only fulfils the client’s needs but also leaves a green and sustainable impact on the environment. In 2015, I started Denim Core company on small scale which produces various denim goods from left over fabric by eliminating the fabric faults in cutting department resulting in faultless final products, therefore, relying less on fresh fabric. All operations were outsourced initially but later on I founded my own packing, quality and warehousing department for in-house operations.

SectorsClothing and textiles production, Manufacturing
LocationLahore, Pakistan
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