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Dawa Health Democratizing access to healthcare through clinicians & chws

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Dawa Health

Dawa Health

First-level clinicians and community health workers, an essential bridge of last-mile health support in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) are undervalued with most underpaid or not compensated at all. Many care workers in LMIC have limited upskilling and certification opportunities to serve their communities adequately. Maternal and childcare services are still inaccessible to the majority of the population. DawaMom is a standardized mobile clinic that delivers maternal and neonatal health through a digital health platform leveraging a network of trained 1st level clinicians and community health workers (CHWs) for emerging markets. Each 1st level clinician is equipped with point-of-care technology and a mobile-first health platform that help them screen, profile, and manage women who need on-demand maternal health services. Additionally, a network of CHWs supports 1st level clinicians to mobilize and identify patients in communities.

SectorsArtificial intelligence, Healthcare, Healthcare providers and services
LocationLusaka, Zambia
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